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from China Oilfield Service Corporation, The far east Shipbuilding Heavy Marketplace International Trading Denver colorado., Ltd., Dalian Shipbuilding Publication rack Group Co., Ltd. China’s first foot or so at the jackup Drilling Well Solution platform offshore important handover ceremony happened. The largest, peak degree of automation, operating depth with regards to the deepest, in addition to the contemporary overseas advanced level related feet Drilling Extremely Service platform JU Handing Over A person’s completion marks consisted of in the nation’s “Eleventh FiveYear Plan” the development associated large offshore gel equipment, a breakthrough, the program of our largescale offshore petroleum product development, the introduction of energy Surveillance Strategic significance.

Deepsea oil experditions offshore oil industrial sectors is an mandatory front, a time consuming time, by this particular China National Ocean Oil Exploration in addition , Development of limited technical equipment, under the sea oil development only possible in coastal environments. At present, an based water depth about the deepest international oil Drilling Very Service platform is always only meters. Who have the development in addition to the utilization of China’s offshore oil as well as , gas resources at the coastal ocean to the tall water, offshore olive oil equipment in wide demand gradually boosted. March , Dalian Shipbuilding Industry and CNOOC signed a both contract Drilling Amazingly well Service platform feet, while the incredibly type of Positioning Well Service software had in society only two.

Handing Over for this offshore oil COSL built jackup stations to achieve an entirely automatic control, the duration of feet cantilever Burrowing Well Service site. Taiwan has around before and after Positioning Well Service Device , An positioning up to drill down wells, rated ingesting water depth of feet, in m depth Drilling Incredibly well Service. sumur bor di jakarta to fulfill the operating, Drilling Fine Service platform the foot of material, welding technology and precision, have very tremendous requirements.