The bar LED is a very useful way of mounting emergency lighting on a vehicle. As the term suggests, it is made up of several LED modules assembled in arrays in rectangular sections which are then put together to create a bigger block that can be mounted on top of a vehicle. The length varies between inches while the height is usually less than inches. The width of the bar is usually around a dozen inches. In spite of the dimensions, the bar is easily portable because it could be separated into replaceable sections.

This also provides added flexibility because even if the LEDs in one of the sections aren’t functioning, the others can still be used while the nonfunctioning segment can be replaced or repaired. The LED modules are usually powered by V DC and have colored lenses and chrome deflectors. This intensifies the beam emitted from the LED modules. Moreover, with multicolored beams and flashing rate as high as per minute, the special effects cannot be easily missed, which is the purpose of using the bar LED on top of vehicles.

Sometimes, the bars can also be mounted at nonconventional angles for offangle visibility. The UV stabilized lens ensures that there is no fading. The LED modules come in a casing which is dust proof, water proof, vibration and impact resistant and hence is ideal for heavily used vehicles, sometimes driven at high speeds. The mounting brackets official site ensure a safe mounting. bar LED can be purchased with multipurpose kits. For example the beam angle can be adjusted and varied to get degree rotary angle. The luminosity can be varied and the wavelength too can be equally varied.

These bars are not just for vehicles but can also be useful for home and office lighting, decorative lighting in cabinets and display cases and panel, shelf and wall cover lighting. Sometimes the LED bars are also used for lighting ceilings and back lit signs because of the advantages they offer. Apart from high luminosity, these light bars are also known for their low power consumption. Only a small current in the order of a few hundred mA flows through the circuit in most cases. The circuits of the bar LED are properly designed to keep it secure and free of accidents that are usually caused by reverse polarity, high voltage or short circuiting.